Recovery Planning

Remobilising Leisure Services – the next challenge

Thursday 25 June from 3pm-4.30pm

Virtual Think Tank


  1. What approaches are leisure operators taking to remobilisation?
  2. What are the key risks in remobilisation and how can they be mitigated?
  3. How have Councils and their Leisure Partners prioritised which facilities, or parts of facilities should re-open?
  4. How are Councils and their leisure operating partner approaching the commercial aspects of reopening?
  5. What changes to programming, memberships and pricing are expected and what insight has been used to shape it?
  6. How are the needs of the most vulnerable groups in society being met?
  7. What are the organisational and staffing implications for Leisure Partnerships in recovery?
  8. How should the client monitoring role adapt in recovery and what are other local authorities doing?
  9. What are the longer term implications on contracts and service specifications?


This session is open for Local Authority Clients

and Public Sector Leisure Operators.

Places are limited to a maximum of 25 delegates.

SLC will provide and publish a short summary of the sessions on its website blog at Any input and contributions will be non-attributable.

We do hope this will be a way of ensuring we can capture and share some positive ideas, best practice and allow sector peers to connect and support each other.


About Virtual Think Tanks

SLC is hosting and facilitating a series of Virtual Think Tanks on public sector leisure provision, building on our heritage of hosting peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and transfer seminars for the leisure sector for over 10 years.

To date SLC has hosted 100 local authorities and 12 leisure operators since the beginning of the Covid-crisis.

SLC will regularly host a 90 minute Zoom video conference session to explore key questions and challenges facing the sector. We will be exploring current issues and also looking ahead to the new ‘normal’ and how our sector can adapt and respond to take advantage of new opportunities within what is likely to be a long period of economic recovery and social change.

Virtual Think Tanks are to offer colleagues support and share and generate ideas, for the benefit of the sector only. Nothing else.

To register or if you have any questions and/or suggestions for future discussion topics, please contact us on or call us on 01444 459927.