Following on from our contribution to the Sports Think Tank’s 2024 manifesto, Andy Reed OBE recently interviewed Duncan Wood-Allum in a podcast where they discuss the future of public leisure pivoting to active wellbeing and its role in place.

Martyn Allison commenting on the podcast said “Change is happening in pockets of innovation usually where leadership is strongest but these individual initiatives don’t yet join together in cohesive local strategies which means opportunities are being missed.

How do we bring together in a new single narrative ‘system change’, ‘place working’, the ‘pivot to active wellbeing’, ‘health prevention, ‘proportionate universalism’, ‘leadership and workforce development’ and the future of ‘public sector leisure’.

In this podcast Andy Reed talks to Duncan Wood-Allum and they get very close to demonstrating a coherence I have yet to hear described so clearly and convincingly. If we are to engage a new government we must have a clearer narrative that can drive and support change and we must also have evidence of our impact.”

Listen to the podcast here  100 Sport Policy Ideas – SLC | Ep. 6 (