Community-led insight is central to our philosophy. We use sector-leading tools and partners to ensure you can engage effectively with communities and have the insight you need to inform your decision making.

As well as community and stakeholder consultation, which includes innovative use of social media platforms, we draw on the latest research and thinking to inform our work. This covers everything from planning guidance for developing active infrastructure to understanding the emotional and social benefits of an active lifestyle. We also undertake market analysis, and supply and demand analysis using GIS mapping to support our feasibility and business planning work.

Community Engagement and Consultation

Engagement with those who have a stake in a project and who will be affected by its outcomes is vital. We understand the importance of research in uncovering need and highlighting the potential social impact of a project. Research shows that engagement with communities and stakeholders on a project is likely to increase participation and overall buy-in. We have the capacity and knowledge to do this across numerous platforms in a cost-effective way. We then use our expertise and analytical skills to provide our clients with the most useful and insightful feedback.

Services include: online surveys using the latest in digital engagement approaches, focus groups, street surveys and direct consultation.

GIS mapping

We use market-leading BasemapTM Geographic Information System and SLC Insight software to provide clients with a greater understanding of the market in which their assets are operating. This includes competition analysis, geospatial and geodemographic analysis, catchment and drive-time analysis.

In addition to robust market analysis, it supports latent demand models that help clients plan and direct their services, based on current and future needs. The software allows us to support our findings with clear visual aids, tailored for every client to demonstrate the distribution, coverage, accessibility and reach of current and proposed provision.

Market Analysis

Supported by our BasemapTM software, we use GIS to support our market analysis work, which helps to answer some important questions:

  • What is your real catchment area?
  • Who are your customers and where are they coming from?
  • What do your residents need?
  • Who are you failing to reach?
  • We then, informed by our supply and demand analysis, use this to establish the optimum mix of services and facilities.

Supply & Demand Analysis

Robust supply and demand analysis forms a fundamental part of the evidence base for many projects. It is vital to understand the provision in place, how this is performing for the community, and what provision is needed going forward.  We work collaboratively with our strategic partners 4global who provide sector leading data analysis.

Supply and demand studies can stand alone for a single facility or asset, but we prefer to apply our efforts more strategically, developing needs assessments as part of the evidence base to advance broader projects which have far-reaching impact for your local area.