Strategic planning

SLC is proud to have co-authored the Strategic Outcomes Planning Guidance with Sport England. We are leaders in its effective use to shape the development of strategies, mutually beneficial partnerships, community services, leisure / sports / community facilities, active places and environments. We are also experienced in supporting wider system working – for example in supporting Greater Manchester with its Pivot to Active Wellbeing programme.

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Service delivery

We draw on the Leisure Services Delivery Guidance which SLC developed in 2021 on behalf of Sport England in consultation with the wider sector. We have demystified and simplified public sector procurement, partnering and delivery with the sole purpose of avoiding what many call ‘the race to the bottom’. Instead, our updated and sector leading approach building on the original guidance supports strategically aligned, sustainable service interventions aimed at enabling more active and inclusive communities

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Inclusive Exercise Class

The pivot to active wellbeing

Put simply the pivot to active wellbeing is the transformation of leisure services towards a more integrated health, social care and wellbeing offer.
In practice, this requires meaningful community engagement to co-design new services; reimagining leisure facilities into community hubs for active wellbeing; maximizing the use of green and blue spaces; and seeking every opportunity to build movement into the everyday lives of residents.

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Advisory support

SLC offers a wide range of bespoke advisory support covering all aspects of the planning and delivery of active communities. Given the high value of projects and developments we are asked to support, we provide you with the assurance and confidence you need to deliver lasting outcomes.

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National guidance

SLC has a strong reputation for developing national guidance such as Sport England’s Strategic Outcomes Planning Guidance and supporting national projects and programmes. This is underpinned by a commitment to share our intellectual property widely within the sector to promote shared learning and innovation.

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Cultural services

SLC has a proud track record of supporting cultural service transformation. We bring our rigorous approach working with subject matter experts to deliver inspiring places and sustainable services.

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