We have developed a highly collaborative approach to testing and refining methodologies with our clients. We are committed to sharing core intellectual property with the wider sector through the national guidance we have developed.

Working with communities

We strongly believe that a key to social change lies in welcoming and inclusive places and these are shaped by the people who live and work there. We also hold a shared passion for the value sport and physical activity can bring in improving community wellbeing and reducing inequalities. This is at the core of everything we do.

Culture of learning & collaboration

We have a proud heritage of advocating and enabling learning through knowledge sharing, so we take every opportunity to connect clients with peers and industry experts. We do this through our Think Tanks, our SLC Online Forum, blogs, articles and seminars and through a range of informal opportunities.

“The desire and willingness of the team to both share learning, learn with us, and absorb the learning we already have from GM evaluation and experience was refreshing.” Hayley Lever, Exec Lead GM Moving, CEO GreaterSport

What makes working with us so different?

  • We have depth. Unlike our competitors, major projects have two Directors allocated to ensure breadth of experience and service continuity.
  • We work flexibly with proven methodologies that are continually refined, rather than being constrained by rigid approaches. This means all our work is bespoke to our clients’ specific challenges and needs.
  • We are not afraid to challenge you with new approaches and ideas; nor are we afraid to be challenged to think differently.
  • We are visible and accessible throughout your programme of work – you can always get hold of the team.
  • We have a balanced team to ensure we deliver your requirements and provide real value for money.
  • Our project management & monitoring is meticulous; based on Prince 2 principles, we do all the leg work whilst you get full visibility and control.
  • If something’s going wrong (as it will on a rare occasion), we flag it up early and sort it out without fuss.

ISO 9001:2015

SLC achieved ISO:9001:2008 certification (No.201793) in February 2015 and transitioned to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in February 2018.

The reason we have developed our systems to comply with the standard is simple:

  • We are continually striving to improve the quality and effectiveness of the work we do on behalf of clients.
  • Our clients appreciate it; to date, over 99% of our clients say they would work with us again (based on independent client feedback).

SLC’s Quality Policy is available here.

IOS 9001 Certification Badge