Sheffield City Council’s Sport and Leisure Strategy 2023-2033

In December 2023, Sheffield City Council launched their Sport and Leisure Strategy for 2023-2033, developed in partnership with SLC, available here.

Following detailed community and stakeholder consultation in early 2022, the City Council has worked with its partners to develop the Strategy. To see the video click here.

It sets out how the Council will contribute to achieving the shared vision set out in the city’s Move More Physical Activity Strategy. This will help create a healthier, happier and more connected Sheffield.

The Council’s ambition is to have facilities, activities and services that are modern, welcoming and inclusive. They want to meet the needs of everybody in Sheffield and encourage more people to be more active.

The Strategy provides a framework to ensure the Council can maximise the contribution that its sport, leisure assets and services can make to its wider ambitions and strategic priorities.

It will guide £100m+ investment and focus its activities over the next 10 years.

SLC has been working alongside the City Council for over 5 years and is currently supporting the Council with a major procurement exercise to find a new operating partner for the City’s high profile portfolio of performance, community facilities and services.