In 2017 SLC was commissioned by Waverley Borough Council to explore options for the re-provision of a new leisure centre in Cranleigh and investment into Godalming and Farnham Leisure Centres. This was to include options for the development of the facilities and an understanding of the costs and revenue performance of each option.

This study was required to inform the Council’s future leisure investment strategy to provide sustainable sports and leisure facilities which meet the needs of the borough’s growing population.

Facility options for Cranleigh

Two distinct options were considered for Cranleigh, making use of the existing Cranleigh Leisure Centre site. The first was for a new build facility on an area of the existing car park at Village Way and the second was for a phased remodel of the existing centre. Both options provided a suitable facility mix to meet the current and future local demand for facilities, taking account of planned housing growth.

Investment in Godalming and Farnham

SLC explored a number of investment options for Godalming and Farnham Leisure Centre based on an assessment of current and future supply and demand.

A preferred investment option for the extension of health and fitness facilities and increased changing space and car parking to meet current and future demand was identified for Godalming Leisure Centre. The existing facility mix at Farnham Leisure Centre was found to be meeting demand for key activities thanks to previous investment into the facility and was projected to continue to do so in the future. SLC explored ways in which the facility could diversify its offer by providing new facilities designed to attract a younger, more family-oriented market.

Taking recommendations forward

SLC provided recommendations to the Council on the optimal way to implement any investment in the facilities from an operation and contractual perspective and advised the Council on next steps for progressing the preferred development options identified through the study.

The Next Steps

Following SLC’s previous Options Appraisal on future investment options for Waverley Borough Council’s leisure facilities, SLC was appointed in October 2018 to further explore options for the replacement of Cranleigh Leisure Centre.

Building on the facility mix identified through the previous Options Appraisal, the study included an assessment of alternative sites and redesigned options which sought to address some of the previous feedback received by the planning authority. A more holistic approach to the wider site was taken and opportunities identified for enhancements to the site as a whole through improved public realm, pedestrian access, landscaping and community space.

Comprehensive costings linked to delivery timescales were provided and detailed business plans developed to support the identification of a preferred option.

The investment appraisal is currently being finalised in order to be considered by the Council.


SLC fully met our project brief and expectations, providing exceptional quality of work and value for money. Their outstanding industry knowledge and experience was reflected in their work and provided invaluable re-assurance to the Council. Toby and his colleagues were very professional and accommodating at adapting to necessary changes in the project remit. Waverley was extremely satisfied with all elements of the project and it has been a pleasure to work with SLC on this project from start to finish.

Tamsin McLeod, Leisure Services Manager
Waverley Borough Council (November 2019)