In July 2022, SLC was commissioned to scope out the workstreams to support the development of a Wellness Model prior to considering exploring it as a business case. SLC undertook this focused diagnostic piece of work and through consultation with key stakeholders and exploration of what work would be required, developed a proposal for the Council to take forward.


In late 2022, Bury Council commissioned SLC to support them in further developing the Wellness Model concept into a Wellness Strategy. This was linked to supporting Bury’s ‘Let’s Do it’ Strategy that sets out a clear ambition and delivery plan for the next 10 years. The strategy was based on place-based delivery and support, impacting on wider population health as part of a whole system approach.

SLC working closely with Bury colleagues and stakeholders, developed an outline business case for the Wellness Strategy.

This built on the Community Hubs developed by the Council in the response to the Covid pandemic.

In building a strong evidence base, SLC worked with Bury colleagues to develop a social value model using the Greater Manchester Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) tool. This highlighted the significant downstream benefits and impacts on reducing pressure on health and adult social care services.

Together, SLC and Bury created a number of conceptual models used to support and promote the Wellness Strategy as a radical new approach to supporting greater levels of physical activity and wellness. These emphasised the shift towards addressing health inequalities and targeting interventions within Bury’s five townships. This Wellness Model concept which highlights both a universal offer as well as a targeted approach and focus on place has been adapted for use across Greater Manchester’s Pivot to Active Wellbeing Programme.

The Council is currently securing funding from its partners for a pilot scheme which will be linked to the Sport England funded Local Delivery Pilot within Bury.


Bury Council has had a longstanding ambition for a new civic and wellness hub in Radcliffe, creating a focus for wellbeing, learning, community and enterprise within the town centre.

This has been realised through funding support from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund and Bury Council.

  • The facility will comprise:
  • 25m 6 lane pool
  • Changing Village
  • Teaching Pool with moveable floor
  • 100 station Gym
  • Studios
  • Rooftop to support a gym and wellness space
  • Clip n Climb
  • Library
  • Café
  • Consultation Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms

Sport England had been supporting the scheme linked to its Strategic Facilities Fund.

In 2023 SLC supported the Council in developing a business plan for the new £40m+ facility to support a funding application. This application was successful and Sport England awarded the Council £2 million. The facility secured planning permission in late July 2023 and will be completed in the summer of 2025.


Working with SLC on the Bury Wellness Strategy has been an intense and challenging project but working together we have created a strategy we are collectively proud of and has been created through a whole system approach with numerous partners to deliver better health outcomes aligned to local strategies.

Jackie Veal, Head of Wellness, Bury Council