SLC’s bespoke individual and collective SOPG diagnostic reviews for the Ealing, Brent and Harrow Tri-Borough Partnership provided a road map for determining future service design.

The Tri-Borough partnership, comprised of Ealing, Brent and Harrow Councils, commissioned SLC to deliver a bespoke SOPG diagnostic review in May 2022. The original Tri-Borough contract for the management of many of the Councils’ leisure facilities was due to expire in September 2023. Given the challenges created by the pandemic, the Councils were considering an extension of the contract arrangements.

SLC designed and delivered a bespoke workshop session with representatives from the three authorities. The workshop was designed to explore the current arrangements, future ambitions and strategic priorities, financial and sustainability considerations and the Councils’ state of “readiness” for the end of the contract.

Follow-up consultation was undertaken with key senior officers across each of the Councils. This informed a review of the current state of services, strategic opportunities and each Council’s future strategic ambition for its leisure services.

The review, designed to meet the specific needs of this unique partnership, provided the Councils with clear recommendations to support a decision to extend their current contract for up to 2 years. It also gave each Council a bespoke programme of future workstreams with supporting briefs. This provided them each with a road map for how to prepare for the end of the contract and determine the future design and delivery arrangements for their services.

A report was provided to each Council which captured their current thinking and the key issues, opportunities and considerations for the Councils individually and as a partnership. It also provided recommendations for a programme of future workstreams linked to outline timeframes and draft briefs, and recommendations in relation to a potential contract extension.