Confidential support for service heads

If you’re heading up a local government Culture and Sport Department, we don’t have to tell you these are tough times. You’ll probably be exploring how to find savings of up to 30-40% over the next couple of years. Some of you will be needing to make these savings even earlier. Many of you will be looking to bundle services together, create greater economies of scale, review current partnerships or decommission under performing services. You may be looking at your complete and diverse portfolio – sport, arts, heritage, museums and galleries, parks and open spaces, tourism or combinations of these valuable services. This process can be overwhelming and often conflicting evidence and data (or lack it ) will make it difficult to prioritise where to start.

SLC is offering a no obligation consultation to discuss your Department’s position and challenges and how we may be able to help. We can assist you developing some approaches to manage the change you are facing rather than let it manage you. We can use a variety of  proven approaches to assist you in making this period more  of a transformation of your service, rather than a dismantling of a service that you, your colleagues and the community value so much. Critically, we can bring innovation, fresh ideas from an international perspective and a positive attitude. You don’t have a choice in facing change. You do have a choice in how you approach it.

Call Duncan Wood-Allum today on 07930 549580 for a confidential, no obligation discussion.