Live Active Leisure In the context of unprecedented challenges to public funding and the requirement on local authorities to seek new and innovative ways of delivering services to ensure sustainability, Live Active Leisure were seeking to develop  innovative, informative, effective, efficient and Service Propositions that reflected current and future challenges.

Phil Collins, under the directorship of Duncan Wood-Allum and supported by Anna Dalton, conducted a desktop review followed by site visits and interviews with staff at LAL. Phil then developed a Service Proposition in the form of a detailed report and high level glossy document for the council which expounded to Perth and Kinross Council (PKC) the most innovative, sustainable and effective means of providing sport, leisure and physical activity across the area.

The report was supplemented by an Operational Review which made recommendations for operational improvements for LAL’s existing and future services. These reports were presented to the LAL board including its PKC members and are currently being brought forward by both organisations.

Live Active Leisure’s CEO, Jim Moyes testified to the success of the project, saying:

The ‘Leisure Trust’ set a very challenging brief to consider, describe and develop a service proposition to expound the most innovative, sustainable and effective means of providing and delivering sport, leisure and physical activity opportunity across a service area that extends to over 2,000sq miles. In doing this, there was a requirement to explore existing sports and leisure provision, reflect anticipated constraints and develop possible service impact scenarios.

SLC were engaged with the unanimous support of the Selection Panel. The success of the undertaking hinged on grasping and reflecting local circumstances, historical sensitivities and financial constraints, whilst at the same time remaining aspirational.  SLC committed to gaining an understanding of the particular nature of issues relating to leisure provision in the service area. Importantly, SLC constructively challenged our existing thinking to ensure it was robust.

The resultant Service Proposition reflected the excellent relationship that was established from the outset and provides a well-structured potential ‘route map’ for the services and business. On a more ‘human level’, SLC provided an entirely appropriate and complementary skills set. They very quickly established and embedded a positive relationship that enabled some very real constructive challenges to take place in a manner that added value to the end product and further directed us towards what we believe to be a positive outcome”. – Jim Moyes, May 2014

Director of SLC Duncan Wood-Allum said of the project: New portrait 175 x 300

“SLC is proud to have been so centrally involved in helping LAL and PKC refine and improve their strategic, organisational and operational practices. We feel confident that the easy-to-implement, low-risk solutions we’ve recommended in our report will go a long way to helping the development of leisure services for the people of Perth and Kinross.”

If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact Duncan Wood-Allum on 01444 459927  or email him here.