SLC is the UK’s leading strategic adviser for public sector leisure, physical activity, sport and active wellbeing. We have an unrivalled track record of delivery with core cities, major metropolitan councils and local authorities supporting the pivot to active wellbeing. Our sector presence as a thought leader is firmly established and we influence across the UK and globally.

We’re looking for the highest calibre professionals at Principal Consultant and Managing Consultant level to support our plans for sustainable growth.

We are leading the way in transforming the approach with which communities are supported in leading more active lives. We’re passionate about addressing inequalities and in a post-COVID world, are supporting our clients through recovery and towards their active vision of the future.

We are the co-creators of the concept of #pivot from leisure to active wellbeing – a movement that is gaining traction in Greater Manchester and England.

We have recently developed national guidance to support strategic planning and service delivery in England. We are the leading exponents of use of the Strategic Outcomes Planning Guidance and Leisure Services Delivery Guidance, both of which have our DNA embedded within them.

We are supporting a significant number of core cities and local authorities in procuring new leisure and active wellbeing partnerships and securing outstanding outcomes.

Recent clients include Sport England, Sheffield City Council, Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Combined Authorities, Bristol City Council, Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and Westminster City Council.

Job profile

You will play a lead role in the conception and delivery of exciting projects such as:

  • Leading major procurements and partnerships focusing on addressing inequalities and delivering wider local strategic outcomes through a sustainable approach
  • Supporting local authorities reshape their vision and deliver it through new facility and service development, partnerships and in some cases, pivoting from leisure to active wellbeing
  • Developing and supporting new masterplans, facility developments and infrastructure projects
  • Working on national programmes and initiatives with Government Agencies such as Sport England
  • Embedding whole systems and neighbourhood-based approaches
  • Developing new ways of measuring and demonstrating impact and outcomes.

Working alongside SLC Directors who are leading experts in their fields, we’ll help you play to your strengths and support you in developing new skills and consulting competencies to support your ongoing development. Location is flexible and we offer full or part-time positions. Our flexible workspace HQ – Freshmill is conveniently located in West Sussex and has great coffee.

Salary and bonus scheme will be reflective of your talent and contribution.

For a job description email

To apply please send your CV and a ‘why me’ letter to us.

SLC is an equal opportunities employer.

For more info, visit our Work with Us page.