Watford PicThe Sport, Leisure and Culture Consultancy (SLC) has been commissioned by Watford Borough Council to assist with the procurement of a long-term partner to operate the Council’s leisure centres. This is part of the Council’s strategy to promote sport and physical activity across the borough through the provision of high quality, inclusive services.

The existing leisure management contract comes to an end in June 2018 and the Council has identified the procurement of a new contract as being one of their major priorities. By starting the process early, the Council has allowed sufficient time to develop a set of clearly defined required outcomes for the new contract and to give stakeholders an opportunity to help shape the new service.

The contract is likely to be for at least 10 years and the Council wish to develop a service that can contribute to wider sport and physical activity outcomes. The project aims to:

  • Design a service that contributes to Watford Borough Council’s wider corporate objectives by extending the reach and impact of the new leisure management contract.
  • Engage and consult with stakeholders to help shape the new service.
  • Design a fully inclusive service that enables access by those who participate less in sport and physical activity.
  • Embed a ‘Partnership Philosophy’ with the selected operator and the development of a partnership framework with other agencies and providers.
  • Provide leisure centres that deliver a balanced and varied programme of sport and physical activity opportunities to encourage greater participation and promote health and wellbeing.
  • Ensure the long term sustainability of the council’s £24 million capital investment in the leisure facilities.

SLC’s involvement is being led by Toby Kingsbury, Principal Consultant. Toby said of SLC’s involvement in the Strategy “We are delighted to be supporting Watford Borough Council in this process. They have demonstrated a clear desire to make the new contract work harder to deliver wider social outcomes and this is exactly the right approach. We want to help create a service which reaches far beyond the walls of the leisure centres and engages with all sections of the community.”

Chris Fennell, Corporate, Leisure & Community Client Section Head, said “SLC has considerable experience in this field and we will be drawing on their expertise. We have a clear aim of what we want to achieve with this contract and it’s not just about providing facilities. We want to change life outcomes for our residents and we see this contract as significantly contributing to that work.”

For more information, please contact: Toby Kingsbury The Sport, Leisure and Culture Consultancy Tel: 01444 459927 Email: toby.kingsbury@sportleisureculture.co.uk