MHDC logo Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC) has now approved their first Sport and Leisure Strategy 2014-2018, Active Communities Malvern Hills District: A Vision for the Future. Developed in partnership with SLC, the strategy seeks to define how the council will support sport and leisure provision in the future. It is set in the context of the council being committed to improving the quality of life for all its communities, within an environment of change and financial constraint.

Employing a unique approach developed by SLC, MHDC’s strategy identifies key priorities for the council in the future through a new ‘deal’ with the community and a clear three pronged policy position on what the council will continue to do, what they will support and enable others to do, and what they will no longer do. The report comprises of a Headline Strategy which provides the concise strategic overview of the strategy, and an additional 11 chapters which provide a full comprehensive review, and can be accessed here.

Duncan Wood-Allum, Director of SLC said “SLC is proud to have been involved in the production of this strategy, and to have supported MHDC in the development of their strategic repositioning of  sport and leisure. We are now supporting the Council is it prepares for the procurement of a number of the district’s leisure facilities for 2015.”

If you are considering the development of a Sport and Leisure Strategy for your local authority area linked to your leisure procurement strategy and would like to find out more about our unique approach, contact us on 01444 459927 or email us here.