The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames has appointed the Sport, Leisure and Culture Consultancy (SLC) to prepare a sport and leisure needs assessment for the borough. With the Olympic cycling road race coming through the Borough next year, interest in sport will be at an all-time high. But with increasing pressure on the public purse, Kingston Council wants to be sure that its support for sport and leisure matches the needs of the borough’s residents, workers and visitors. So the Council has engaged SLC to research sport and leisure needs via a combination of desk research and consultation.

“We’re looking forward to engaging with clubs – particularly those involved with swimming, athletics, cycling, walking, squash and badminton – to find out what their needs are and what they are likely to need in future,” said Marcus Kingwell, Associate Director at SLC. “Across the country, people’s preferences for sport are changing. So we want to make sure that the Council can make the right decisions using the very latest information.”

Scott Herbertson, Head of Head of Cultural Services and Lifelong Learning at the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames added, “It’s an exciting time for Kingston with the Olympics just around the corner. We want to be sure that Kingston secures a strong legacy from the games, as well as providing for changing tastes and habits among our residents. We’re delighted to have SLC on board to help us with work.” June 2011