Like most local authority leisure departments, Canterbury City Council is exploring the best possible way to deliver leisure services for less and ensure that service quality meets expectation into the future. With an opportunity to review the current management contract with their operating partner, back in late 2010, SLC were invited to undertake a full review of all indoor Leisure provision.

This explored the current arrangements and benchmarked performance of the Council’s operating partner with other operators in the South East. SLC looked at current and future strategic need, supply and demand for facilities across the City Council using tools such as Sport England’s Facilities Planning Model. SLC also undertook consultation with the Council’s neighbouring Boroughs, Districts and the University of Kent, Canterbury. Additionally, SLC supported the Council in exploring the strategic facility and management options available to it which would support future approaches to procurement and partnering.

David Ford, Deputy Head of Culture and Enterprise said; “Duncan and his team brought significant knowledge and experience to Canterbury’s review into its leisure facilities. Always very professional, there was a real sense of ownership of the issues and a determination to do the best possible job for the client. Canterbury City Council now has a much clearer understanding of the issues it faces going forward and, crucially, a clear direction based on SLC’s recommendations.”

Following on from this, in SLC have been recently appointed to undertake a detailed feasibility study on one of the Council’s main leisure facilities to explore potential designs, development options and whole life costs. In March 2012, following the completion of  SLC’s study, the Council will identify a clear way forward in relation to its future approach to partnering  and potential facility developments. If you would like an informal discussion regarding your Council’s strategy or feasibility study, please call us on 01444 459927 or email us here.