“SLC supported the Council with a robust independent management options appraisal during the COVID crisis in summer 2020. Although the Council had been with the same outsourced operator for over 20 years, SLC’s understanding of the Council’s aspirations for leisure and insight regarding the impact of COVID on the sector led to the conclusion that the optimum solution for South Kesteven was to run its four leisure facilities through a Local Authority Trading Company.
Following this decision SLC supported the Council in developing a business and mobilisation plan for the new company, Leisure SK, which was ready for business in January 2021 and following lockdown opened the centres in April 2021. SLC’s independent advice and insight were vital building blocks in helping us secure the post-COVID future for leisure in the district through Leisure SK at an extremely difficult time for public leisure services”.

Karen Whitfield, Head of Leisure, South Kesteven District Council