Project Overview

SLC has supported Warwick District Council to develop a masterplan and feasibility study for Newbold Comyn in Leamington Spa for new and enhanced facilities designed to increase physical activity opportunities locally and to ensure the site is financially sustainable over the long term. The 120 hectare site, located in the greenbelt, is home to Campion Hills Cycle Track, a former golf course and playing pitches.

Key outputs

Following a review of the strategic drivers to the project, SLC explored a range of additional / alternative uses for the site through a review of needs analysis information, a supply and demand assessment of outdoor leisure facilities and through consultation with stakeholders.

A key output of this initial phase of work was to provide a shortlist of viable options which could practically be managed and delivered and were supported by evidence of market demand and an assessment of potential commercial return.

Wider public engagement on the initial options informed the development of a feasibility study and draft masterplan for the site for the preferred mix of facilities, including budget cost estimates, a high level business plan to show the return on investment and an assessment of potential management models.

Potential sources of grant funding were identified to support the development of a Funding Strategy for Newbold Comyn and management options were explored through engagement with potential future operators of the site.

Project outcomes

The final masterplan for Newbold Comyn, which was approved by the Council’s Executive Committee in November 2020, includes new graded cycle and mountain bike routes and family routes including a Learn to Ride area, extended nature reserve with visitor centre, adventure play area and new 3G artificial turf pitch. An area has also been identified for a potential outdoor activity centre which is subject to further review at a later stage.

A grant funding application has subsequently been submitted to British Cycling’s Places to Ride scheme and the Council are preparing a planning application to take the scheme forward.


In supporting the Council to finalise and approve a master plan for the site, SLC have continued to provide a high quality service to the Council. Commissioned to undertake two additional work streams in the second phase of the project, SLC applied a structured and thorough approach which assisted the project to meet a number of key milestones against challenging timescales. There has been strong collaborative working with the SLC team who have provided added value through enabling good levels of knowledge transfer to the Council.

Debbie Cole, Project Manager

Warwick District Council (February 2021)